Telecom Companies: Why Digital Transformation Is Calling

As digital transformation revolutionizes the industrial landscape as we know it, telecom companies face an increasingly tough time, according to an article published in the Harvard Business Review. The article elaborated that among the industries that will face the most amount of disruption by digital technologies is the telecom industry.

As the competitive boundaries transform and shrink, telecom companies enter a period of slow decline. More users are now relying on internet and social media usage as a means of communication. Digitization is not a threat to telecom businesses—it offers ample opportunity to re-imagine how their businesses can offer creative and innovative solutions to their customers.

So how can telecom companies become early winners in the digital revolution?

Approaching the Customer Experience

The difference between traditional telecom operators and disruptive technology is the way they approach customer experience. New entrants focus their approach centered on innovation, which proves to be advantageous for them. It enables them to evolve constantly and to add new capabilities to their forte. It also allows them to expand into newer markets, hence enabling them to increase their revenues.

Thus, the customer experience must become a high priority.

Reinventing the Customer Experience

With the use of advanced data analytics and implementation of digital transformation, telecom companies can use their consumer data more effectively and empower their employees to deliver the optimal customer experience. Here are a few ways telecom companies can do this:

Enhanced Online Services

Customers today search for self-service options that save them the hassles of calling operators to make changes to their plan or to resolve issues. Telecom companies can take advantage of this need by introducing a supportive customer support portal, implementing the use of artificial intelligence and online chat bots that empower the consumer to resolve their issues.

User-friendly websites are important parts of digital transformations, as they serve as platforms for telecom providers to provide access to useful information, which consumers can use to compare prices and packages.

Using Advanced Analytics

With the usage of advanced big data analytics, the possibilities of using consumer data to their advantage are endless for telecom companies. Using data analytics telecom companies can extract consumer insights, predict network usage for the future and understand key areas where upgrades may be needed. It also enables telecom companies to demographically analyze areas that require targeted marketing efforts and learn more about customer preferences.

Better Human-to-Human Interactions

While tools that enable digital transformations allow better customer service intervention programs, the employees are still going to be the ones delivering the optimal customer experience. Employees that are empowered to understand the digital process can serve customers better. Part of digital transformation is to allow for operations to improve at both the front- and back-end. When employees are equipped better to provide personalized and efficient customer care solutions, telecom businesses experience better employee efficiency and performance along with higher customer retention rates.

Is your business ready for its digital transformation?

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